Donttoleame – Epizod 142

Donttoleame – Epizod 142

The insight about. Esin’s passing comes to Vedat and. Cansu Be that as it may. Esin disposes of. Azrael with a last-minute intercession. When. Hülya knows about Esin’s passing, she can’t bear the aches of heart and lets the police know that she killed. Esin herself; In any case, the police say that. Esin isn’t dead, even that the specialist called Zeynep cut her and that she is grumbling about Zeynep. This game that. Esin plays to get back at Hülya will shake the equilibrium and result in a tremendous treat that will influence everybody. Zeynep will prison will place. Zeynep and Emre’s relationship in another impasse.

Zeynep is in a tough spot. Zeynep opportunity and dictatorship are at serious risk! after the wrongdoing, perpetrated by her mom. Not entirely set in stone to make Hülya endure. Hülya, who is certain that Hülya and. Vedat have a relationship, doesn’t stop. Esin, who blamed. Zeynep for cutting him and tossed him behind bars, is currently seeking after another arrangement to hurt. Hülya In any case, with Zeynep’s entry, both Emre and. Bora became unfriendly to Esin.


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