Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 143

Donttoleame – PROMO Epizod 143

While Bora is trying to intimidate Esin and drive Zeynep out, Emre is determined to bring the last trump card he has, Yeliz, before Esin. With Yeliz’s confession of the truth, Esin’s guilt is certain, but if Esin goes to jail, the truth about Zeynep will not come to light. Zeynep is in a very difficult situation in prison; because if he goes out himself, his mother will go to prison.

Emre confronts Esin and tells Esin that he has proven that he is the one who made all the slanders against Yeliz, and that he will go to prison from the hospital. So, will Esin and Emre be able to come to an agreement and be able to settle this matter without anyone going to prison and being punished? Bora swears that he will finish Esin; because Esin has gone so far as to have the audacity to imprison the girl he loves.


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