HearrtWound – Epizoda 35

HearrtWound – Epizoda 35

Ebru, to whom Leman said weighty words; He becomes ill with his child. He yells to his child Sinan to proceed to let his mom be. Sinan; When he hears what his better half has said and done, he returns home and stirs up some dust. Leman demands his error. Azade woman goes to the medical clinic and compromises her when she was youthful and requests that Ebru go, however the lady says she won’t go. Sinan likewise gets data from the specialist about the circumstance without seeing Ebru and her child. He discovers that the lady was beaten previously

Muge; He hears what occurred from his folks’ battle. He blows up at his mom. He calls Ebru’s child, yet the kid doesn’t answer their telephone. Müge requests that Ayşe take her to the clinic. Unfit to bear the young lady’s supplications, Ayşe lets him know that she will drop him at the emergency clinic and stand by ground floor. Baha abducts him with the cash he got from Ayşe. At the point when Ayşe asks Baha and tells her that she is enamored with Ferit, the man leaves her out and about.


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