Donttoleame – Epizod 136

Donttoleame – Epizod 136

Esin Hülya will take action with one more plan that will end the issue before it starts. Problematic days expect Hülya; regardless, Vedat will be nearby in irksome times of Hülya. Each insidious that Esin does to Hülya will set out noteworthy entryways to rejoin Hülya and Vedat. Emre finds Yeliz, yet as of now the issue is making Yeliz concede what she did and who made them get it going.

Tarık will take a gander at Mehmet determinedly; it infers that Mehmet will learn about the marriage of Sıla and Tarık and will conflict with it; or he’ll accept it’s compelled

Emre’s plan actually paved the way for many hidden truths to be revealed. Zeynep’s mother Hülya takes pity on her daughter’s efforts and thinks that Zeynep does not deserve the flour; while his father was the chief physician of the hospital.


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