HearrtWound – Epizoda 36

HearrtWound – Epizoda 36

Muge; When they can’t hear from Ayşe, they get on the motorbike to raise Ebru’s son Müge home. accident girl; When Ayşe calls Ayşe; He tries to reach Müge, but Baha is gone. Ayşe; While trying to catch up with the girl, Yaman passes by. Yaman helps Ayşe and takes her to the accident site. The girl also called Ferit. While Ferit comes to the scene of the accident and intervenes in the situation, he sees Yaman and Ayşe getting out of the car together. That the old betrayal scene will happen again; she thinks she is.

When they return to the mansion, Ayşe gets scolded from Leman and Azade. Ferit asks Ayşe what were you doing in Yaman’s car. He says what were you doing with it, you were bottom and bottom or something. Ayşe cannot answer the questions why Ferit is not waiting for Müge at the hospital and where she is. Ferit gets angry and goes to his old house. Ayşe goes after him. Without speaking, She realizes that the person Ferit saw kissing Hande is Yaman, whom she calls her brother. As Ferit’s anger turns to sadness, Ayşe comforts him and kisses him and promises that he will never betray him. Hande sees the two of them kissing and hugging.


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