Donttoleame – Epizod 135

Donttoleame – Epizod 135

Meltem at long last got all that she needed and kept Tarık away from enlightening his family concerning Sıla; in any case, this game played by Meltem is brief; Meltem should find something exceptionally solid other than the issue of collapse; Tarık, obviously, conceded the control of acquainting Sıla with his family as his perfect partner on this hazardous day of Meltem. Sıla finds out about Meltem’s circumstance and goes to Meltem. Once more sıla, who got Meltem when she was blissful, is certain that Meltem is after a game, however she accepts affirmation ought to break this game.

Cengiz grasps that Tarık has eradicated Meltem from his brain and is pondering a future with the young lady called Sıla; Cengiz makes a move to move Tarık to make a separation from Sıla and return to Meltem.Bora, then again, ensures that Zeynep disposed of Emre. While Bora Emre acknowledges that he has dealt with his nervousness, he again seeks after a game to draw nearer to Zeynep. Bora will most likely recuperate Zeynep’s lost trust. Esin, then again, thinks she has gotten away from jail, yet before long it is the ideal chance to join her disbanded family. Esin imagines that Hülya is the key legitimization for the parcel of her loved ones. Hülya returned after years and made Esin’s joy.


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