HearrtWound – Epizoda 3

HearrtWound – Epizoda 3

At the point when Ferit Hande and the families are sitting tight for the wedding with another lady of the hour, things get stirred up. Ayşe doesn’t know about this much. She protests from the start, however at that point she says that Hande undermined her and she remains by Ferit once more. At the point when the families leave the spot, Ayşe and Ferit get hitched. Ferit and Ayşe, who went through the night at the lodging; The following day they get comfortable the chateau.
Hande is accustomed to having every one of her desires work out. The following day, Hande, who comes to him, enters their level with Ferit and affronts Ayşe. Azade, who hears what Ferit said while terminating him, promptly seeks after the occasion. He converses with Hande’s mom and clues that something is off about the young lady. Emerald mother; When he discovered that he conversed with his girl and kissed Yaman, he lashed out and restricted him from meeting with Yaman.

Yaman first goes to the organization and leaves, yet Adnan doesn’t acknowledge. At the point when Hande affronts Yaman, the man goes off the deep end. At the point when Azade Hanım expressed something about him, Adnan called Ihsan’s sibling and consented to work with him. He begins working with Ihsan, who deals with the strategies wing of the family.

free; He sends one of his men to Istanbul and requests that he examine Ayşe.

Hande’s dad Hüseyin regurgitates his displeasure towards both Ferit and Adnan. Adnan Bey tells the two his significant other and Hüseyin not to drive it assuming that is what his child needs.


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