HearrtWound – PROMO 3

HearrtWound – PROMO 3

Unequivocally when Ayşe can’t immediate all that Hande passed on to her and essentials to go, Ferit consumes her in the house. Azade calls Hande and convinces her family to invite her and her family to breakfast at home. Ferit and Ayşe change incessantly, yet they plunk down. Azade tells before everyone that Ayşe and Ferit’s marriage is a game and their party is clearly joke. Ferit tells how he reveres Ayşe

Hande furiously calls Ferit to the ranch. Yaman is additionally there. He gets a few information about his dependability when they see him. He guarantees that Yaman kissed him, as a matter of fact. Right when Yaman doesn’t get out anything the young lady needs, he beginning delivery his weapon incredibly high and a brief time frame later puts it on his place of refuge. In like manner as Ferit persuades him and chops down the firearm, Yaman pursues the man when he says “anything that you saw”, yet around then he shoots Ayşe, who goes to the property and loves Fırtına, from a spot near her heart.


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