Donttoleame – PROMO 104

Donttoleame – PROMO 104

Esin’s camera film falls into Bora’s hands. All together not to go to prison, Esin makes a move to take the camera film of Bora. Esin gets pictures from Bora and experiences Hülya while getting away.

Then again, Emre discovers that the camera records have been decoded and promptly comes to the clinic to watch. All of a sudden, an alarm is set in the medical clinic and Emre can’t watch the recording. Emre imagines that the alarm was initiated by Bora and makes a move to consider Bora responsible. While searching for Emre Bora, he tracks down proof that nobody might have speculated, which would demonstrate that Esin did all the wrongdoing. Esin’s occupation is presently wrapped up. Anything that the motivation does, this time it won’t dark the proof.

Emre’s mom, Arzu, goes with Zeynep, who is debilitated, in Emre’s nonappearance. Interestingly, Arzu and Zeynep talk without bias. Arzu at long last accepts that Zeynep is honest by paying attention to Zeynep. Arzu is presently completely persuaded that it is a game set for Zeynep and that Esin is the maker of this game.

Despite the fact that Meltem attempts to get Sıla far from Tarık, Sıla some way or another figures out how to dispose of Meltem. Sıla finds Tarık and explains to him why she is avoiding him. Meltem says I let you know those terrible words in light of the commitment I made to Sıla Tarık. While Sıla trusts that she will sail to bliss with Tarık, Tarık will become familiar with a few data about Sıla and will consume every one of the boats that go to satisfaction with Sıla.


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