HearrtWound – Epizoda 27

HearrtWound – Epizoda 27

Ferit learns from the police who came to his house that Baha was shot dead and that they are looking for his wife as a murder suspect. He tells the police that Ayşe is not there and hides it. They stay that night in the house of a man he had helped before. Although Ferit asks Ayşe to tell the truth, he continues to accuse her. Ayşe can’t stand what she’s going through and faints. Ferit can’t help but take care of him again.

Adnan is already bad when he comes to the farm. Yaman and Bahtiyar take him to the hospital. The man is taken into surgery. They inform their family. The family comes immediately, but they cannot reach Ferit, who turns off their phones so that the police cannot find them or call family members who are constantly calling. The next morning, Ferit, who learns that his father is in the hospital and in critical condition, comes there immediately.


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