Donttoleame – Epizod 127

Donttoleame – Epizod 127

Adnan slices his method for facing Hussein. Hüseyin lets him know that it was his life partner Cesur, who was envious of. Ayşe, who attempted to murder his child. At the point when Adnan walks out on her, she has a cardiovascular failure. He drives his vehicle towards the homestead. Yaman sees him. While searching, for the medication in the man’s pocket, he is astonished to see the paper expressed “Adnan is your dad”.

Hussein; He provides the request to kill his men so Baha can not talk to save his girl. They first leave Baha in a detached spot. Baha calls Ayşe from the telephone left close to her. He purchased a pass to get back to Istanbul. He calls the young lady who is sitting tight for his transport. At the point when. Ayşe goes to him, while they are contending, Baha is harmed by a projectile from a far distance. They take Ayşe out with medications and kill Baha. At the point when Ayşe starts thinking clearly, Baha isn’t there. Ferit calls Sinan. At the point when she can’t contact her, she goes to her significant other for help out of frenzy.


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