Donttoleame – Epizod 128

Donttoleame – Epizod 128

Emre treats Zeynep ruthlessly to prove Zeynep’s innocence and punish Esin. On the other hand, while Esin tries every way to make things right with Vedat, things get out of hand when she sees Vedat and Hülya together.

Meltem is; While Tarık and Sıla are about to announce their marriage decision, she implements her plan to sneak into the house and put stones in their path. Despite this situation, the Sayar Family does not approve of the relationship between Sıla and Tarık.

For the love of Sıla and Tarık, will Aunt Seher be an obstacle? Will Seher still want to prevent Sıla and Tarık from declaring their love and marriage to everyone? As it is known, if Meltem father is the Sayars, there is a company partnership. This partnership will end if Meltem father learns that Tarık has been stalling Meltem for years and that he is actually married to another woman. Tarık will not be able to explain this situation to his father or Meltem’s father. So what is Aunt Seher’s suggestion.


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