HearrtWound – Epizoda 28

HearrtWound – Epizoda 28

The Sancakzade family is shocked when they learn that the bride is wanted by the police for murder. The cops who come in the hospital and when they are sad really bother them. Ferit’s mother is very angry when the phone rings the next morning. The man opens his eyes while his sons are talking to Adnan, who is coming out of the surgery. Azade, who blames herself for arguing with him; her husband will be very happy when he wakes up

After the heart attack, Adnan calls the lawyer and Bahtiyar. He tells the lawyer to divide his assets among his 3 children. He leaves only the flat in the mansion to his brother. The man who comes to the house with Bahtiyar attracts the attention of both.

Azade and İhsan. Ihsan; He sees a draft of his will from his brother’s lawyer. It is very acceptable for him to leave something to Yaman and not leave anything to himself.


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