HearrtWound – Epizoda 23

HearrtWound – Epizoda 23

Ferit is astounded following to hearing from Baha. Baha let him in on that he was gotten to Ayşe and that he went to jail for her; He tells that Ayşe enrolled a legitimate manual for save him and that is the clarification he wedded her. He tells that he was harmed inside and Ayşe terrified and paid him to move away. His more settled family Sinan is in this way surprised. Ferit finds and analyzes the explanation that Ayşe gave for Baha so he wouldn’t be reproached. Ayşe had said “my fiancee” to save the individual who saved her there.
Ferit dodges Ayşe until he looks at this announcement, however by then he is certain that Baha is coming clean.

He clears up for everybody that their marriage with Ayşe, who plans feasts for him, is a game. Everybody is paralyzed. Ayşe, then again, feels beguiled. Particularly after the night they turned out to be genuine a couple, it would obliterate him to do this. She leaves the home, she. She cries the entire night in the parks. He calls Ferit, yet the man doesn’t get. The following morning, he shows up before him where he does sports and asks concerning for what valid reason he changed what occurred. Ferit sorts out what he heard from Baha. Ayşe in addition comes clean, yet Ferit has no confidence in her and leaves his soul mate.


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