HearrtWound – PROMO Epizoda 24

HearrtWound – PROMO Epizoda 24

Azade is glad that she was right about Ayşe, but she is upset that her son is upset. She argues with her husband about his mistress and childbirth. Azade angrily decides to divide the shares in the company among his family members. When Ayşe goes to get her belongings from the mansion, she says goodbye to everyone.

While the little girl and Bedia are upset about Ayşe’s departure, Hande is very happy with what she has done. He is almost sure that Ferit will return to him. Hande’s mother is not sure that they left Baha. Moreover, her husband does not know what he did to get his daughter out of the business.

Adnan is sure that the one who tried to kill his son is Cesur and that he has something to do with Hüseyin. Because he is angry with Hüseyin, he ends his partnership in the company. When Hüseyin pays compensation for his overdue payments, he runs out of money. He also owes the loan shark. Yaman gives him a bag of money and saves Hüseyin from this trouble. İhsan learns that Yaman gave money to Hüseyin.



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