Donttoleame – Epizod 123

Donttoleame – Epizod 123

Although it is not a bad thing for Tarık that everyone will soon learn that. Sıla and Tarık are married in Don’t Let Me Go, Sıla is blackly afraid of how she will, explain this fact to everyone and the reaction of the. Sayar family and Meltem.

It is natural for Sıla to be afraid of. Meltem’s reaction because this time, Meltem is not after a small game. Meltem will continue her treacherous plans so that. Sıla, who is already considered, dead in the registry, actually dies because. Meltem Sıla understands that she will not be comfortable until she dies. Tarik will never let go of Sıla.

Emre, on the other hand, tries different methods to put. Esin in jail, but Esin is too smart to go to jail. Now, things are much easier for Esin, who joined forces with Bora. Although. Bora does not openly make an alliance with Esin, any way to bring. Zeynep to herself is permissible; however, once. Bora shows Zeynep her true face, she is sure that. Zeynep will never forgive herself; for this reason, Bora should not walk in the snow and show his tracks.


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