HearrtWound – Epizoda 14

HearrtWound – Epizoda 14

At the point when Baha cuts himself in the jail, he is captured by Hande while being taken to the emergency clinic by rescue vehicle. He assists him with coming to Antakya. Baha calls Ayşe on the telephone and tells that he took off, however doesn’t say that he came there. Toward the finish of the episode, Baha loves the arms of Ayşe, who is eager to meet Ferit in blood.

Ayşe, who will meet with Ferit, goes up against Baha in blood. Hande Baha, who imploded into the arms of the young lady; captured while moving him to the clinic in jail; He assisted him with coming to Hatay. Ayşe; He calls Vedia and requests help to conceal the harmed and criminal Baha. The lady drives them to her old flimsy house. Ayşe lets Ferit know that she can’t come and stays with Baha. Despite the fact that Ayşe lets Baha know that she never gave him trust, the man tensions and takes advantage of her sentiments so they can escape together.

Hande, who follows them, gives the location to a neighborhood columnist and tells that the Sancakzades are in the lady’s adoration home with her darling. On account of the proprietor of the paper who is searching for Azade, the lady obstructs the news. He lashes out and slaps Hande, who will discolor the name of his family through his lady. He look through the house yet can’t track down the concealing couple. In any case, the writer releases the report from elsewhere to the Web


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