HearrtWound – PROMO 15

HearrtWound – PROMO 15

Seeing the news, Ferit first calls Hande. At the point when Hande accuses Azade, whom she presently feels angry of, Ferit articulates unforgiving words to his mom at supper and winds up making weighty allegations. Ayşe, then again, feels regret for not having the option to come clean with Ferit but Ferit trusts in her. Ferit admits that he has mellowed his solidified heart by educating Ayşe regarding his sentiments.

Ferit tells his sibling, who beat Yaman in the organization, that his marriage with Ayşe is phony. Azade likewise discovered that their marriage at home is dependent upon an agreement.


Despite the fact that he scanned the entire space for the furnishings, he was unable to track down the agreement, yet at supper he smacks it even with the love birds. To save what is going on, Ferit persuades everybody by saying that the agreement is a property sharing agreement in marriage.


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