Donttoleame – Epizod 114

Donttoleame – Epizod 114

While everything is settling quite in the relationship among. Emre and Zeynep, what has been going on with. Zeynep’s upset everybody. Zeyneps, who was gotten by Esins, has fallen vigorously impacted by such scoundrels that this business has gone past. Esin’s approaches. Right when the mafia holding. Zeynep’s fathoms that they can sell Zeyneps for more cash than. Esin’s gives, I figure a remarkable course of action will start between both Bora and Tarık and the mafia. Hülya is after a defended coexist with her little girl at the earliest entryway. For Esin, there is no likelihood to get out. The police will not ever starting here ahead leave Esin’s, who clutched Zeynep’s. Tolerating that Esin disposes of the police, she can not dispose of Cansu’s, for whom she bet with everything.

Then again, Vedat won’t walk out on him on this troublesome day of his ex. Hülya and will begin to experience his old love in the future. Esin’s concern isn’t just with. Zeynep, yet additionally with her mom Hülya, who will presently be her chief rival; in light of the fact that later on, Vedat and Esin could be able to separate and for. Vedat to have an adoration illicit relationship with Hülya.


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