Donttoleame – Epizoda 7

Donttoleame – Epizoda 7

Zeyneps can’t fight on the temptationes to be stimulated; in light of the fact that while he feels that Emre will acknowledges thats he is guiltless, things won’t go exactly as expected. Right when Esin Emre and Emre’s mother illuminate. Arzus with respect to Zeyneps, Cansus, who will be seen as the responsible Zeynep, will appear before Emre as a deceived young woman.

Emre, on the other hand, understands that Zeynep is not really Cansu Ateş; Zeynep has already confessed that there is no Cansu in Zeynep, it is a game. So is Zeynep guilty in this game? Who will Emre believe?

Emre, on the other hand, will not believe in his heart what Cansu and her mother tell; but since he can’t find that letter, he will want to find Zeynep and learn the truth from her in order to find out what the facts are. Will Emre and Zeynep ever meet again?

On the other hand, hard days have not even begun for Sıla, who burns with the love of reading. Sıla’s father is very afraid of Veysel Celal Ağa and thinks that he will not let himself live in that village; Therefore, he will pressure Sıla to marry his daughter to Bekir.


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