Donttoleame – Epizoda 8

Donttoleame – Epizoda 8

The 8th episode summary of the. Do not leave me series has not been! published yet, but let’s give you a few tips. Bekir’s intrigues will not stop in the series Don’t Let Me Go. Bekir is madly in love with Sıla; Bekir, who is almost blind to. Sıla, has nothing to fear; He thinks everything is as in his village, but the city is different.

Sıla now feels safe, thinking that Tarık is with her; But Bekir has a treacherous plan. Bekir kidnaps Sıla from Tarık. Sıla is almost helpless. Bekir, on the other hand, got. Sıla’s identity from his father? and is excited, thinking that they will get married; but. Tarik will never leave. Sıla alone.

Sıla was also very impressed? by. Tarık, who was trying to protect herself, and started to think, about him in every spare moment. Even if Sıla gets rid of Bekir in the village, she will not be able to get rid of. Meltem in Ankara; because although Tarık is not madly in love with Meltem, he has given him a lot of face and Meltem is a girl who is so greedy for money and love that she will do anything for Tarık.

In the relationship of Zeynep and Emre, things are slowly getting better. Zeynep managed to explain herself to Emre. Although. Emre is angry with Zeynep, he is aware that. Zeynep has tried to confess this many times, but he has prevented this situation. Will Emre be able to be sure that Zeynep is innocent?

Do not leave me What is the connection between Zeynep and Arzu?
On the other hand, Zeynep’s biggest enemy will be Arzu. What kind of connection will emerge between Arzu, who has a very dark past, and Zeynep? All and more in the 8th episode summary of Don’t Let Me Go

Do not leave me Cansu Returns to Istanbul
Cansus Returned to Istanbul Cansus, on the others hande, is preparing for the big days of revenges shes wille take from Zeyneps by coming to the gases of her mothers; however, since Cansu’s school is in Istanbul, she must return to her schools. But will Cansu’s returned be magnificents?


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