Donttoleame – Epizoda 6

Donttoleame – Epizoda 6

In the 6th part; The real Cansu will go to the place where Zeynep and Emre are staying. Emre will be shocked when the real Cansu says that Zeynep deceived him and forced him to replace him. Zeynep can’t stand the real Cansu insulting her in front of Emre and leaves the place crying. Emre thinks about what Cansu said the next day and will want to meet Zeynep. While Sıla decides to come to Ankara because her mother’s last wish is to read, Tarık decides to come to Ankara. Celal and his men will go after Tarik.

After talking about the tips for Episode 6 of the series Do not leave me, let’s briefly talk about what happened on Friday. Esin is shocked when she hears the game played by her daughter Cansu from her own mouth. Esin’s dream for years is suddenly turned upside down because of her daughter’s ignorance. However, the inspiration is not a person who will give up so easily. He thinks about what he can do to reverse this situation. Tarık, on the other hand, comes to Sıla with the gendarmerie to save Sıla, but when Bekir threatens to kill her mother, Sıla lies to the gendarmerie commander.

Tarık, on the other hand, thinks that Sıla has made her decision and leaves the scene. Esin cancels dinner first thing. In this way, no one will have seen Zeynep. While Tarık is about to leave the village, Sıla’s best friend, Sıla, cannot tell the truth to the Gendarmes because she is threatened by Bekir, and she asks him to help Sıla in this regard. Before Emre can read the letter Zeynep gave him, Seher’s aunt wants to talk. Zeynep’s letter falls into the trash while Emre goes downstairs to avoid breaking his aunt.


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