Donttoleame – Epizoda 69

Donttoleame – Epizoda 69

In Episode 69, Do not leaveme, Emre and Cansu now have a handbag shop to catch Esin. The bag emblem that. Esin dropped on the day the camera, footage was stolen is the most important, piece of evidence in solving, everything and finding the real culprit. At the end of their research, Emre and. Cansu find out in which store that brand! bag is sold. The duo went to the store and came very, close to finding the real culprit, Esin, from the customer, records where the bag was sold.

Bora, on the other hand, managed to get the camera records back from Esin, whom she lost. Esin, on the other hand, sees every possible way not to go to jail and makes the most important, mistake that will burn her and kidnaps. Zeynep despite all the difficulties. Bora, on the other hand, calls. Zeynep to show her heroism and that she found the real culprit before sending Esin to prison. Learning that Zeynep is in the chalet, Bora goes to the chalet, but a surprise awaits Bora again. Esin calls Bora and says either you give her camera records or you will not see Zeynep again. Hülya is now looking for her daughter Zeynep with the police. At the end of this work, Esin’s path will end up in jail.

Tarık is almost devastated? when the divorce, documents come to him, but in order to stand upright, he says to. Sıla that we will divorce in the first session, you will get rid of me, but. Sıla’s aim is not to divorce Tarık, but to win her back. Sıla has no intention of giving up on Tarık. Sıla will wait for the appropriate time and tell Tarık one by one how. Meltem set traps for her. Meltem, on the other hand, will make a new plan to prevent Sıla and make her unable to speak? Will. Meltem be able to stop Sıla? Will Tarik listen to Sıla?


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