Donttoleame – Epizoda 70

Do not leave me In Episode 70, the police come to. Cengiz Sayar upon Hülya’s complaint. Even thoughs. Cengiz says that there is a misunderstanding, the police take. Cengiz to the police station, saying there is a complaint. Cengiz finally learns about the slanders and what happened to Zeynep. As much as Arzu wants to hide it, Cengiz has learned everything in the end. Cengiz’s learning of everything will actually bring the end of both Arzu and Esin. After what. Cengiz learns, the. Sayar family will be shaken? to its foundations and. Cengiz will no longer trust Arzu.

On the other hand, Esin takes action to get the images from. Bora that will put her in jail. Esin, who goes to. Bora with the comfort of holding Zeynep in her hand, asks her for the images. Bora asks for Cansu in exchange for giving the images. Just when Esin and Bora’s bargain is over, something unexpected happens. He followed Emre Bora. Emre feels that there is a bargain between Esin and Bora and realizes that Esin has kidnapped Zeynep.

Cansu is still after the bag brand they found. Cansu, who takes all the receipts from the bag store, examines them one by one. In the end, Cansu sees that her mother, Esin Ateş, also took the customer receipts from this bag, and she gets a great shock. Esin finally learns that the culprit is her mother. Esin has no way out anymore.

Sıla comes to the hotel and learns that Tarık is in a meeting with customers. Sıla, who shows her marriage certificate, plans to make a romantic surprise for Tarık in order to make her forgive herself, and she prepares the room. Tarık, unaware of all this, goes to the room after eating Meltem together. Sıla is shocked? when she sees. Meltem and Tarık coming to the room alone. Although. Tarık is surprised? by the situation at first, he reacts to Sıla.


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