Donttoleame – Epizoda 62

Donttoleame – Epizoda 62

Cengiz had introduced Zeynep as my bride. After this news and rumors, Zeynep Sayar thinks that her family has ruined her honor and ruined her life. Zeynep, on the other hand, tries to keep her mother away from these events, thinking that her mother. Hülya will believe this news and will be very upset.

While Emre thinks that. Bora is trying to get Zeynep away from him by removing her name, Bora blames. Emre for everything that happened to Zeynep. Esin, on the other hand, is very comfortable for now and watches events from afar, but. Esin will soon be in big trouble.

While Cengiz is dealing with Zeynep, he also learns about the new house that Tarık bought for Sıla. Cengiz asks Tarık, who does not think about the future of the company, to account. Tarık, on the other hand, rests his father Cengiz for his love for Sıla. Although Cengiz is shocked by Tarık’s opposition, he realizes how serious Tarık is about Sıla.

Meanwhile, Meltem decides to show herself as a proud woman in Tarık’s eyes. On the other hand, Meltem tries to end it by revealing the lie that Sıla told Tarık, making. Sıla a liar in. Tarık’s eyes. What will Tarik do in the face of this lie that he did not expect from Sıla? Tarık goes to ask Sıla to account.
Emre, who saw Bora and Zeynep hugging and could not believe his eyes, suddenly lost his world. This time, Zeynep is completely over for Emre, who sees everything with his own eyes. Emre’s suspicions came true. Zeynep has cheated on herself with this, villain called Bora. Zeynep is not aware of her childhood friend. Bora’s love for her, but she hugs. Bora because she is her childhood friend.

Zeynep Bora, who was searching for Bora, who realize that she was remaining in a halfway house in. Istanbul quite a while back, couldn’t see as her. At the point when Zeynep finds Bora, who misses Bora without question, she understands the amount she misses him. Zeynep didn’t have an affection for. Bora, whom they were companions with as a kid, and presently she certainly doesn’t have an adoration for Bora.

Emre, on the other hand, starts a war against Bora and Zeynep. Now the war between Emre and Bora has begun. He takes action to ask for an account of the slanders he made against Zeynep from Bora Emre. In front of Bora, Emre has no security of life.


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