Donttoleame – Epizoda 61

Donttoleame – Epizoda 61

Emre and Zeynep’s big fight benefits Bora. It is a unique opportunity for Bora that Emre and Zeynep to break their ties. Zeynep, on the other hand, remembers Bora’s childhood; but Bora has a dirty past. Zeynep is very happy to be reunited with her childhood friend, unaware of Bora’s dirty past.

She doesn’t want to lose Bora while Zeynep has found her, and surprises her mother Hülya, who worked hard to find Bora as a child, and invites Bora to dinner at home.

Emre, unaware that Bora is Zeynep’s childhood friend, thinks that Zeynep is cheating on him with a rich scumbag called Bora. Emre now finds Esin right about Zeynep. For Bora, on the other hand, everything is going well with the taste of a dream. Bora is flying in the air with the dream of establishing a happy life with Zeynep.

Esin, on the other hand, shared the posts showing that Zeynep is a girl who has a nightly affair for money, both to the hospital and to the website, from Emre’s computer. In this way, will Esin, who is trying to remove her doubts, be successful? Zeynep, who is unaware of Esin’s plan, encounters a great shock when she arrives at the hospital. Zeynep realizes that Esin is after a game again, but this time this game has been very heavy for Zeynep.

Meltem took the promise from. Sıla to stay away from Tarık again. Meltem is sure that. Sıla will keep her word, but she is sure that she will break her promise when she learns that Meltem Sıla made the newspaper report herself. Meltem thinks she can’t keep. Sıla and Tarık apart if everything comes out. Therefore, Meltem prepares a new and dangerous trap to send Sıla from Ankara and get rid of her for life.

Tarık, on the other hand, has prepared and furnished a house for Sıla to live together. Although Tarik is very happy, and finds a warm house and buys things as Sıla wants, Sıla will not agree to stay with Tarık in this house, which will make Tarık very sad. As Sıla does not accept, she will cause confusion with the divorce petition she has given to Tarık.


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