Donttoleame – Epizoda 60

Donttoleame – Epizoda 60

Although Sıla tries to stay away from Tarık, Tarık has prepared a surprise for Sıla. But when she shows the surprise, she is waiting for a surprise that will destroy all her dreams about Sıla. On the other hand. Meltem is determined to darken. Sıla’s life. Meltem has a sneaky plan for Sıla.

Emre and Zeynep will no longer work together at the hospital of their own accord. On the other hand, Bora gives Zeynep the box she has been hiding for years. While a new road has been, opened between. Zeynep and Bora, Emre surprises. Zeynep and. Bora in an unexpected way. On the other hand, Esin dazzles her eyes and puts into practice her plan that will change all the balances with a single move. Zeynep’s life and dreams? are very, close to being! destroyed by Esin’s move.

Do not leave me Episode 60 Predictions
With the help of Meltem Buse, she managed to clear herself. Although Cengiz realizes that Meltem is playing tricks to get Tarık, he opposes Tarık’s decision to leave Meltem because the company’s big partner is Meltem’s father.
Tarık, on the other hand, will probably state that he does not want to build a future with Meltem, that he has only Sıla in his life, and that he is willing to pay all the prices for Sıla. The hardest thing for Sıla is the misunderstanding about the financial aid she received from Tarık. Whatever happens, Sıla decides not to receive any financial aid from Tarık and to stand on her own feet; however, she will encounter very different and strange people that will make Sıla very difficult to study and work at the same time. Tarık, on the other hand, wants to prevent this when he finds out that Sıla is working. As Sıla wants to stay away from Tarık, fate will bring them together again.

Emre, then again, indeed blamed Zeynep for carrying on with work despite his good faith. Bora’s arrangement is working without a hitch. Bora’s just objective is to get among Zeynep and Emre and to transform them into adversaries indeed. Will Zeynep, who requests that Bora account, believe that Emre has gotten dampness from the air once more? Zeynep’s trust is conflicted with .Emre, who more than once charged him without, understanding and tuning in.

Arzu, on the other hand, has now seen. Esin’s true face. Arzu is very uncomfortable when. Esin reveals her secret every, time she gets stuck. As long as there is a danger of inspiration, Arzu will never be able to breathe a sigh of relief.


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