Donttoleame – Epizoda 59

Donttoleame – Epizoda 59

Cengiz hears that Meltem made the newspaper report herself. Cengiz, who comes before Meltem, asks for an account regarding this news, but Meltem’s plan is ready. Meltem has agreed with her friend Buse and takes all the blame for the newspaper article. Buse’yi Sayar is waiting for difficult days in his company.

Although Buse takes the blame for Meltem to be with Tarık again, Meltem is now over in Tarık’s eyes. The only thing Tarık thinks about is a happy future with Sıla. Her reaction to Meltem suddenly changes when she learns to Cengiz that Meltem has nothing to do with the news and that it was Buse who did everything. Meltem, the daughter of the partner of the company, will remain as Cengiz’s bride again.

Sıla, on the other hand, insists on staying away from Tarık, despite all of Tarık’s insistence and saying that I can’t do without you. Although Sıla lies to Tarık that she is staying in the dormitory, she is determined to stand on her own feet. Sıla, who decided to work not to get help from anyone, will get into new troubles, but she is determined not to fall into the situation of a girl who takes money from Tarık.
Bora did not kill Esin, the main Bora decides to cut Esin’s sentence in a different way. Bora will finish Esin, he prepares a devilish plan for this. Bora tells someone that Esin never expected, that she entered Esin’s house and corners Esin. Esin has come to the end of the road.

While Bora is trying to finish Esin, she also takes action to break the gap between Zeynep and Emre. Believing what Bora said about Zeynep, Emre once again accuses Zeynep of betraying him. Emre can’t be proud of what he heard and tells Zeynep what he heard from Bora. Emre, who says what he says to Zeynep in anger, breaks his heart once again without understanding and listening to Zeynep. Zeynep gets another big shock when she hears from Emre and goes to ask Bora to account. Zeynep, who goes to Bora’s house to hold Bora accountable, encounters an unexpected surprise.


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