Donttoleame – Epizoda 58

Donttoleame – Epizoda 58

Although Esin thinks she is deceiving Bora, Bora is aware of Esin’s plan. Esin went to Bora’s house to find the tape recorder and take the photos; However, Esin receives a heavy blow from Bora when she least expects it. Bora will make Esin pay a heavy price for what she has done.

Despite Tarık’s speech, Sıla, who is not convinced, decides to file for divorce without Tarık’s knowledge. On the other hand, Cengiz, who learns the truth, confronts Meltem. Although Meltem suffers a heavy defeat due to Cengiz, this situation makes her even more ambitious to have Tarık.

Meltem has no intention of giving up on Tarık. Arzu, who thinks that she may have made a mistake, albeit late, goes to talk to. Zeynep to learn the truth. While Emre wants to learn about Bora’s plan for Zeynep, he encounters an unexpected surprise from Bora.
This Week and Next Week in Don’t Let Me Go
He continues to investigate Emre Bora in the series. Don’t Let Me Go. Emre, who is sure that. Bora is not really in love with Zeynep, thinks that Bora chose Zeynep just because she fell in love with him. Emre Bora’s father, who thinks that Bora’s aim is to harm the. Sayar family, guesses that there is an enmity between his deceased brother and his father for years ago. Because Bora is the son of his father’s best friend years ago.

Bora’s hospital partners for years cannot understand why Mehmet Bey left the partnership out of the blue and is sure that. Bora pressured Mehmet Bey to remove him from the hospital partnership and have him replaced as a partner.

Arzu, who thinks that. Zeynep is not a bad girl and that she is a part of the slander against. Zeynep because of Esin, is disturbed; but. Esin has nowhere to run anymore. Both her daughter. Cansu and her husband Vedat are suspicious of him. Esin doesn’t have many trump cards to play anymore. Inspiration will cause great harm to both himself and the people around him with the moves he will make. Since the inspiration has no place to escape, he will ask for help from Arzu, who is already in his palm. That’s when he will meet Arzu Esin’s psychotic face.

May the man he loves to rest in peace; Sıla. Tarık, who chose to go so that she would not get into trouble, thinks about her attitude when she finds herself. Tarik was very scared because he lost her. This is proof of how much Tarık loves Sıla and cannot do without her. Tarık said to Sıla that if you go, I will burn, I cannot live without you. Now Sıla has to choose to stay; with Tariq. Aunt Seher takes action to tell the mints that Meltem, who went too far, ate.


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