Donttoleame – Epizoda 63

Donttoleame – Epizoda 63

When. Sıla’s lie is exposed. Tarık immediately takes action. Tarık, who will come face to face with. Sıla, will meet in a cafe and try to learn the background of this lie. Meanwhile, Sıla will realize that. Meltem told Tarık everything. In addition, Meltem will withdraw herself from Tarık with the tactic she took from Buse and wait for him to take a step. But first, he will make new plans for. Tarık to cool off from Sıla.
When the news about. Zeynep reaches. Sayarlar’s house, the ground shakes. Cengiz, who introduces. Zeynep as a bride, will think that their honor is worth two when. Zenep’s name is mentioned? in such an event. Zeynep is also aware of the situation that. Sayarlar has fallen into and regrets that she delayed the decision to leave.

For Zeynep, the quiet days are over once again. It is a matter of curiosity whether. Hülya will be with her daughter. Zeynep in these difficult days. Although Zeynep tries to keep the events secret. Hülya learns everything. When it turns out that this e-mail, sent to the hospital? staff was sent from. Emre’s computer. Bora’s full attention, will be turned to Emre. Emre, on the other hand, cannot make sense! of this situation. Emre, who started to investigate the truth of the matter, wants to examine the camera, recordings at the time the mail was sent, but it turns out that the cameras were not recording at that hour.
Emre and Bora blame each other for this situation. Emre is almost sure that. Bora did this to break up with Zeynep. Although Esin feels safe, Bora will reveal that Esin is behind the work and will make Esin pay a heavy price for doing this to Zeynep. But Zeynep no longer has the courage to even go near the hospital.


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