Donttoleame – Epizoda 52

Donttoleame – Epizoda 52

Bora asks Esin to tell all of her dirty tricks to make Zeynep forgive herself. Vedat is now sure that there is something between. Bora and Esin, and that this man called Bora is behind Esin’s various actions. Bora, on the other hand, can’t stand it anymore and tells everyone the secret of. Esin, causing all the balances to change. After Bora explains all the facts, Esin has no face to look at anyone. While Bora is waiting for Zeynep to jump into his arms as she reveals the truth, she is shocked when. Zeynep does not leave Emre’s side. In the face of this situation, Bora realizes that she has no choice, but to get rid of Emre in order to get Zeynep.

Zeynep and. Emre are very close to solving these dirty, traps set for their cats and being happy again; but they also know well how dangerous a man Bora can be and that he will take action again to break them up. While Bora prepares a treacherous trap for. Emre, decides to talk to his father about the hospital partnership in order to keep Bora away from. Zeynep. As long as Bora is in the hospital, he will not give any comfort to. Emre and Zeynep. While. Sıla runs away from.

Tarık at every opportunity because of the promise she made to. Meltem, Tarık wants to bring Sıla before her parents and aunt as his wife. Sıla, on the other hand, is aware that it is not good for. Tarık and it will not be good after this, and she wants to finish this job before it goes any further. Sıla, who feels that Tarık will introduce her to her family, tries to prevent it; but. Tarık will tell everyone, that he is married, even if he is not Sıla. On the other hand, Meltem takes action to prevent Tarık from introducing.

Sıla to his family. Meltem realizes that. Sıla cannot stay away from Tarık any longer and she decides to make her last move to keep. Sıla away from Tarık forever. This move of Meltem will cause the balances to change completely. Vedat takes action to find out what happened between Bora and Esin. Why did. Esin hug Bora’s foot? With what does Bora threaten Esin? Will Vedat step in for the last time for Esin, the mother of his daughter?


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