Donttoleame – Epizoda 51

Donttoleame – Epizoda 51

Everything is over for your inspiration. Esin asks Arzu for help, but. Arzu won’t be able to do anything anymore. Esin has to explain the dirty trick she played to. Zeynep to everyone. Esin has now become a double, whammy in the eyes of everyone with what she has told. For your inspiration, the end of the road has come. Emre, on the other hand, is now close to learning that Zeynep is completely innocent and sinless. Although Emre and Zeynep play the roles of two lovers in front of. Cengiz, it will not be easy for. Zeynep to return to Emre. Zeynep, on the other hand, does not want to experience a crisis of confidence with Emre.

As though to accelerate this pardoning work, Cengiz reports before everybody that. Emre and. Zeynep have accommodated and that Zeynep will before long be his lady. This declaration incenses both Arzu and Bora. Bora won’t permit Emre to cause Zeynep to excuse him.

Then again, Sıla keeps on satisfying her guarantee to. Meltem that I will avoid Tarık, regardless of whether it is troublesome; in any case, it won’t be simple for Sıla to smother her adoration for Tarık. At the point when Meltem said that I disposed of Sıla, Tarık faces Sıla with an unexpected move. Meltem can not bear the way that. Tarık, who doesn’t show his face or even ganders at her face, authoritatively, announces his adoration for Sıla, and will presently make a move to fundamentally end this work. Meltem is certain that. Tarık won’t abandon Sıla before she falls into a circumstance, more terrible than the circumstance she has fallen into in Tarık’s eyes.

Don’t Leave Me, episode 51. Tips What Happened Last Week in Don’t Leave Me?
In the series Don’t Let Me Go, the unbeliever finally took over the irreligious. Bora finally managed to get over Esin. The war between Emre and Bora continued from where it left off. After being wrathed by Emre Bora, he begins to investigate who this Bora really is.


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