Donttoleame – Epizoda 50

Donttoleame – Epizoda 50

The lie that Bora told Emre about. Zeynep? hasbeenrevealedet. Bora will try to save her reputation! which hasbeen, shaken in. Zeynep’s eyes. He will attend the dinner organized by Cengiz and make Esin confess what she did to Zeynep. On the other hand, for Esin, this confession would be a complete disaster. Esin, who hascome to the end of the road, will ask for help from Arzu as a last resort. But even Desire will not be able to save Esin.

Sıla tries to stay away from Tarık because of her promise to Meltem. Things are going well for Meltem, but she can’t see the attention she expects from Tarık. Things! will get, complicated when. Tarik sees Sıla, who wants to stay away from him, next to Mehmet.

Sıla buried her love for Tarık in her heart and decided to go so as not to harm more Sayar family and Meltem and Tarık. Sıla will go, but Tarık has made his decision. Now he has finished. Meltem and is really, prepared to love Sıla. Of course, Tarık Sayar’s declaration will remain in love; because he will not find a Sıla who will love this announcement. So where is Sila? My guess will be Sıla’s supporter Mehmet. Mehmet will protect Sıla.

Zeynep, on the other hand, was stuck in the tense. Bora and Emre`s line. Bora, on the other hand, is dealing with Zeynep, Esin and her stepmother at home. Having the support of. Esin, Bora Emres will have a hard time learning the truth about himself. So who is this Bora and Sayar family and what does he or shes do? What kind of a bond will be, established between the. Sayar family and. Zeynep’s mother Hülya? It is now the duty of Emre to prove Zeynep’s innocence. Emre wants to clear the slander thrown at Zeynep before the Bora issue, who recovers and comes to his senses. Vedat, on the other hand, saw how Esin was a despicable person who could slander the honor of innocent people for the sake of greed; But despite everything, will Vedat have to give up what he knows?


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