Donttoleame – Epizoda 49

Donttoleame – Epizoda 49

While “Don’t LetMe Go”, which was broadcast, on ATV screens, continued with all its excitement! while. Emre`s was struggling to prove. Zeynep’s innocence in the series, he was beaten? by the men he followed and found. Zeynep. Emre unconscious. On the other hand, will Bora be able to get rid of. Esin Bora, who has cornered. Esin, or will she confess everything? Tarık surprised everyone and told. Veysel that he loved Sıla. While. Sıla is trying not to harm anyone. Meltem has not stopped attacking. Sıla, whom she considers, responsible for all that has happened. The relationship? between. Zeynep and. Emre has been good for a bit. However, Bora can’t stand this sight? any longer and pushes. Zeynep away from. Bora can’t stand this incident and a bitter surprise awaits. Emrea when he enters, the house in a frenzied, manner to ask. Emre for an account. Will Bora kill Emre? Will Emrem die? I will answer this question? later in this article.

In Don’t Let Me Go, Esin got rid of. Bora, but there is a problem: how to get rid of. Vedat. Esin gets caught by. Vedat and all his? lies are revealed. While Tarık is trying, to get into a real marriage with. Sıla, all the truths will be, revealed between. Meltem and Sıla and Sıla will take a decision, that no one expected. The decision taken by. Sıla will change all the balances. What decision did Sıla make?


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