Donttoleame – Epizoda 48

Donttoleame – Epizoda 48

Emre was beaten by themen, but he came very close to learning about Zeynep’s innocence. Zeynepe, on theother hand, found Emre unconscious at thelast moment. Zeyneps calls for help to take Emres to the hospital immediately. Emre’s condition is quite serious; too much battered. Thes men beat to death with sticks and irons. Who are these men and why did they attack Emrea?

Tarık tells Sıla that he loves Veysel in front of him. Sıla, on the other hands, could not make sense of Tarık’s confession of love. Does Tarik really love himself; Or did he tell this lie to convince his father Veysel, he could not decide. He also knows that it is impossible for Sıla to fall in love with Tarık. Tarik had to lie for himself once again. Sıla, on the other handss, does not want to be in trouble for Tarık anymore; She thinks that as long as she’s standing here, she’s affecting everyone’s life badly. Meltem, left by Tarık, sees Sıla as the only responsible for all these bad events. Meltem is now distraught and goes to Sıla to ask for an account.

The forbidden love of Tarık and Sıla has come to light with the news in the media and in the newspaper. Although Tarık says that these news are false, Tarık could not admit to himself how much he fell in love with Sıla. Meltem, on the other hande, seems to have succeeded with a plan she made for the first time; however, the job is now out of Meltem’s control.

Bora is an obsessive hospital patient. Now he is obsessed with Esin for what he has done to Zeynep. Esin is in big trouble with Bora.


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