Donttoleame – Epizoda 47

Donttoleame – Epizoda 47

Thinking that Zeynep is innocent, Emre`s pursues theman he saw at the appointment house to find out the truths. Emre, who stopped thes man and interrogated him, is about to realize that a conspiracy, has been set up for him with thes information, he learned from theman and that. Zeynep is trying to be portrayed as a bad girl.

Zeynep learns that Emres is chasing a man. Zeynepa goes after, but there is a bad surprise; because Esin and Cansu’s games continue from where they left off.

Bora, on thes other hand, will make Esin pay for ther slanders she has made against. Zeyneps. Bora swears from Esin to avenge Zeynepi, as if he was very innocent.

Veysel finds Sıla first. Sıla is shocked to see. Veysel Ağa takes. Sıla with him and goes to the Sayar company with Tarık. Veysel Ağa will ask Tarık to account for ther game he played. In Sayar, Veysel Ağa cannot find Tarık, but he encounters Cengiz. The meeting of. Cengiz and. Veysel will cause thers balance, to be turned upside down. Tarık, on ther other hand, realizes that Veysel Agha has come and plans how to get out of this. Tarık comes up with a surprise plan. Let’s see if Tarık’s plan can save both Sıla and Tarık from the trouble of Veysel.

While Emre`s and Zeyneps are counting the days to reunite with each other in Don’t Let Me Go, unfortunately Sıla and Tarık are facing hard times. Especially the news of the newspaper commissioned by Meltem is heard not only in Ankara but also in Sıla’s village.
Tarık Sayar, one of the famous businessmen of Ankara, is counting ther days to get engaged to his lover Meltem; The news that thes wedding date will be announced very soon creates a bomb effect in Sıla’s village. Isn’t Tarık. Sayar already married? Veysel Ağa cannot understand how Tarık will be engaged to another woman even though he is married, and comes to Ankara to hold Tarık and Sıla accountable.
Veysel Ağa will find Tarık. Veysel Ağa, who is sure that Tarık and. Sıla have deceived the whole, village with a game, will learn that. Tarık and Sıla are officially married and will understand the truthe. In fact, Tarık is deceiving his parents and even that girl, Meltem, who dreams of marrying him. Will Veysel Ağa. Sayar tell his family and. Meltem that. Tarık is married


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