Donttoleame – Epizoda 46

Donttoleame – Epizoda 46

Emre started to believe that. Zeynepa was innocent; Howevers, revealing thes truths is also very, important for. Emre saw thes man he saw at theappointment house and said that Zeynepee worked there, in the hospital. This man who came to the hospital and. Zeyneps met by, chance, but. Emre`s noticed that they did not even know each other. Emre openly begins to realize that there is a conspiracy against Zeynepi. This is an important clue for Emres.

Esin, on the other hand, is sure that? if she finishes. Zeynep in. Cengiz’s eyes, she will get rid of. In the envelope sent by the name. Esin Bir. Dost, which sent a mail to Cengiz, there is false evidence that. Zeyno is an escort girl. Esin Cengiz, who is trying to make. Zeynepe look like a bad, person, can’t find the reaction; because although. Cengiz does not show it, he realizes that this is a game played to Zeynep.

Meanwhile, he had the voice recorder repaired in. Bora and learned that. Esin and. Cansu had slandered Zeynepja. The most important evidence to save. Zeynep is now in. Bora hands. Esin, on the other hand, is still unaware of everything, and is making, new plans to end Zeynep. For inspiration, the end of the road now seems to be in sight.

After Tarık hints to. Meltem that he wants to leave, Meltem has the newspaper, make a news about their marriage, very soon in order to put environmental, pressure on Tarık. Meltem is trying to get. Tarık to get engaged, to her with this news, which she made as if she had no news. Although. Meltem’s plan will fail, Meltem unknowingly, sparked the first spark of a great fire.

The worst part is that the newspaper read the news that. Veysel Ağada. Tarık Sayar was getting engaged. Veysel, who immediately sets out for Ankara to prevent. Bekir from committing a madness, is to hold. Sıla and Tarık accountable.


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