Donttoleame – Epizoda 45

Donttoleame – Epizoda 45

While. Bora wants to start the voice recorder that proves Zeynep’s innocences, and saves. Zeynep from the clutches of this dirty slander, the balance will be completely turned upside down when. Esin pushes Zeynep down the stairs. Whiles Emre’s interest shifts to Zeynep again, Hülya will see Esin at Zeynep’s bedside years later. A big surprise awaits Esin. On the other hand, although. Arzu does not want to, Cengiz is determined to fix things between. Zeynep and Emre. Tarık has prevented Meltem from calling Sıla’s family, but Meltem has no intention of stopping. Meltem presses the button to make Sıla unable to live in Ankara.

In Don’t Let Me Go, Esin pushed Zeynep and Zeynep fell from the stairs and was injured. When Hülya learns that Zeynep is injured, she immediately comes to her daughter, but. Zeynep is led by Esin. Hulya, who meets. Esin for the first time, is shocked to see Esin. Because Esin and Hülya met years ago. In fact, Esin waited for Zeynep years ago, but she is not aware that Zeynep is this Zeynep. The emergence of this truth will upset all the balances in the series of Don’t Let Me Go. Will Zeynep be able to learn the truth about her real mother?


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