Donttoleame – Epizoda 44

Donttoleame – Epizoda 44

Bora immediately takes, action and takes the voice, recorder in the hospital’s custody; but the voice recorder does not work. Bora has only one purpose. Turning on the voice recorder and proving. Zeynep’s innocence, becoming a hero in the eyes of Zeynep, with whom she has already become close, and making. Zeynep remain grateful to herself.

Esin, on the other hand, cannot control herself! in her argument with. Zeynep and pushes. Zeynep down the stairs. With this move of Esin, the balance will be completely, turned upside down. Emre is next to the injured Zeynep. Emre is next to. Zeynep and is always interested in Zeynep. There is not only. Emre at the head of. Zeynep; Esin is in charge of Zeynep.

Hülya rushes to the hospital, with the fear that something will happen to her daughter, but. Hülya will see. Esin at. Zeynep’s bedside years later. A big surprise awaits Esin, who sees. Hülya as Zeynep’s mother. What happened between Esin and Hülya in the past? Whose daughter is Zeynep really?


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