Donttoleame – Epizoda 43

Donttoleame – Epizoda 43

Cengiz wonders about Zeynep’s family. Talking to Hülya, Cengiz says that Emre and Zeynep have separated; He learns that there is no love bond between them now. Cengiz, who knows very well who came, between the two young people, who look at each other with love, also learned the slanders against. Zeynep from Hülya. Cengiz asks Arzu to account for what happened to Zeynep and the slanders against Zeynep. Arzu thinks that Cengiz should know the truth about Zeynep now.

Then again. Esin and. Cansu come to the emergency clinic once more. Cansu has just a single objective: to draw near to. Emre; Esin has just a single objective, to send Zeynep out of the medical clinic. Zeynep, who surrendered without a second to spare with the backing of. Bora, begins to contend with. Esin in the emergency clinic once more. Toward the finish of this conversation, Esin won’t have command over her nerves. While. Esin and. Zeynep are contending, Bora hears the contention and pays attention to. Esin and Zeynep. Zeynep specifies that she doesn’t have the foggiest idea about the area of the sound recording. That’s what bora discovers. Esin criticized. Zeynep and made a recording? to demonstrate that. Zeynep was blameless, however this recording was lost! when. Zeynep blacked out! furthermore, came to the clinic.

Sıla finally confesses, her love for Tarık. Tarik is not the only one who listens to the love that. Sıla has for him. Someone else listens to Sıla’s confession from behind the door. So who is this person. Meltem on the other hand, begins to investigate. Sıla family in order! to get rid of. Sıla. Meltem is not aware of. Tarık’s marriage as a formality, and takes action to find a deficit in. Sıla village. However, Tarık tries to prevent. Meltem from investigating. Sıla family. Nine somersaults that. Tarık does to prevent. Sıla family from investigating attracts more. Meltem’s attention to Sıla’s village. Meltem will be shocked by what she learns about Sıla.


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