Donttoleame – Epizoda 42

Donttoleame – Epizoda 42

In the series Don’t Let Me Go, while things are getting in order, on the other hand, everything turns into a mess. First of all, Zeynep’s primary, problem has been! solved. Finally, something good happens to Zeynep, who has to leave her job and home at once.

Hülya now trusts Zeynep endlessly and knows that. Esin and. Cansu are running business behind Zeynep. Hülya is now aware of who the real enemy is. Zeynep, on the other hand, is sure that nothing will be the same with Emre after what Emre has seen, but she never thought that Emre would get her fired. How did Emre become so full of grudge and hatred against Zeynep?

Come to the hospital. Zeynep. Sayar has been expelled! from the, hospital for her disgraceful actions. While Zeynep is trying to explain that she has done nothing, Vedat takes over the situation and cannot, understand how the petition about. Zeynep is processed. Vedat finally understood Esin’s main purpose. Esin’s only concern is to slander Zeynep, who comes between Emre and. Cansu. Vedat will not allow such betrayal.Bora, on the other hand, continues to wander around Zeynep in a treacherous manner. Bora, one of the partners, of the hospital, will hold. Zeynep hand, who was expelled? from the hospital, with a heavy accusation, and will gain. Zeynep’s trust once again. Emre, on the other hand, once again trusted Zeynep and once again Zeynep broke this trust. How did. Bora get so close to the tried man in less than a week and enter his house?

Emre wants to stay away from Zeynep; At the same time, while planning to stay away from Zeynep Emre, who is afraid that Cansu and Esin will cause trouble again, fate will bring them together again in Sayar hospital.

Sıla, on the other hand? was saved from a great! trauma, with the help of. Tarık’s brain at the last moment. Sıla still can’t forget the contagious! gynecological, test she was taken by the police. Tarik is next to Sıla. Meltem is after a new plan. Unbeknownst to Tarık’s aunt, Seher, Meltem will experience a great shock when she tries to attract Seher to her side. Seher has never compared Meltem and Tarık. When Seher, who is aware of Meltem’s insidious plans, learns what happened to Sıla, she realizes that all this is Meltem’s game and takes Sıla under her own protection.


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