Donttoleame – Epizoda 41

Donttoleame – Epizoda 41

Cengiz is very distressed by the strange behavior of Tarık and Emre lately. Cengiz is aware of Emre’s love for Zeynep. In order to end these troubles between. Cengiz Emre and. Zeynep and for. Arzu to accept Zeynep as his bride, he presented. Zeynep as his bride to everyone.

Cengiz’s call to. Zeyneps at the wrong time caused the ties between. Emre and. Zeynep to become even more tense. Becausez there is an open war between Emre and Zeyneps rather than love. Arzus, on the other hand, cannot bear to see Zeynep next to Emres. Cengiz’s move has filled. Arzus against. Zeynep evens more and he urgent decides to go against Zeyneps by making some moves. Zeynep, on the other hand, makes a move that no one expects to get rid of these pressures from Arzus. Will. Arzu be able to drive. Zeynep binding? Or will. Arzu continue to go binding instead of. Zeynep?
Bora is introduced to the hospital partners and staff as the new partner of. Sayar hospital. Bora’s arrival at the hospital infuriates Emre. Who is this Bora and why did he become a partner in his hospitals? Emre is aware that the only target of. Bora is Zeynep. With the arrival of Bora in Sayar hospital, all the balances will change.

Seeing Tarık and. Sıla together at home, Meltem goes binding with anger. Meltem puts her evil and big plan into action to keep. Sıla completely away from. Tarık.
Meltem’s plan is very simple this time. Realizing that she needs to be nice to. Sıla in order to win. Tarık’s heart, Meltem decides to throw a party to fix her relationship with. Sıla. A big surprise awaits. Sıla at the party given by Meltem.


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