Donttoleame – Epizoda 40

Donttoleame – Epizoda 40

As a result of Arzu asking Hülya and. Zeynep to account, the relationship between. Hülya and. Zeynep will now improve. When Zeynep learns that she was expelled from the hospital, because of. Emre’s petition, Vedat will discover that this is a game designed by Esin.

On the other hand, while. Cansu and Esin think that they have defeated. Zeynep, they will face an unexpected move from Cengiz. While Meltem plans to keep Tarık and Sıla apart forever by taking. Seher behind her, her plans will be turned upside down when. Sıla learns about Meltem as the reason she could not reach. Tarık. On the other hand, Seher will seize this situation and make Sıla untouchable with a move that no one expected.

Do not leave me. We will add the summary, of chapter 40 to our page shortly, but let’s give you a few tips before the summary. Unfortunately, I don’t find the scenario of the series. Do not leave me, which is always about, slandering the honor of women, unethical. Of course, there will be intrigue in a daily series, but intrigue is not just about honor.

First, Esin and. Cansu slandered Zeynep’s honor without fear. Now Meltem is preparing to slander Sıla’s honor. Meltem took advantage of Sıla’s difficult times and sent Sıla to a hotel used by prostitutes. Sila is a very pure girl. Whoever says where to go immediately believes; but this time, what will happen to Sıla will burn not only. Sıla but also Meltem, but Meltem does not know.

Tarık, who saved. Sıla from that filthy hotel and said stop at the last moment, takes Sıla to the mountain house. Sıla, on the other hand, could not get over the effects of these bad moments. Meltem’s plan, which has prepared a frightening end for Sıla, is out of control.

Then agains, when Emres sees Zeyneps once with Boras, circumstances becomed difficults once more. Nothing remains to be kept. Zeyneps alive, who lost the two individuals she cherished most in life in light of a defamation. It is exceptionally typical for. Emres not to accept Zeyneps after even his mom doesn’t really accept that that Zeyneps will safeguard her honor and not take part in such unscrupulous business. Zeynep blacks out when she experiences outrageous trouble and can’t wakes up for a really long time.

Bora also takes advantage of Zeynep’s illness. Bora’s interest is that Emre and Zeynep are at odds. Zeynep, whom she has been waiting for years, is now very close to being herself. Arzu, on the other hand, can easily speak up on. Zeynep’s honor without asking; However, these events that happened to Zeynep actually happened to. Arzu years ago. Just as Esin has darkened Zeynep’s life now, years ago, she introduced. Arzu to her cousin and burned Arzu’s life.


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