Donttoleame – Epizoda 22

Donttoleame – Epizoda 22

Arzu made a commitment suggestion to. Emre. Zeynep and seen this scene. With Esin’s courses of action, she accepts the piece of an escort young woman in. Zeynep Arzu’s eyes. While Emre is setting up a significant relationship to introduce. Zeynep to his family, a reality that Arzu acknowledges will make disturbance. Meltem Tarık’s surprising plan makes Tarık show his unforgiving face. Of course, Bekir searches for retaliation on Tarık and Sıla.

In the 21st episode of. Do not leave me, while Emre organizes an organization in a restaurant to introduce. Zeynep to his father, Arzu tries every way to prevent this. While Zeynep and her mother are coming to the restaurant, while. Arzu and. Emre are talking outside, Arzu asks that. Zeynep is an escort girl and that this meeting should not happen. However, Emre does not listen to this and asks his mother if he sees it with his own eyes. Desire says I couldn’t see it with my eyes. Emre tells him to give up on these plans now. Arzu suddenly faints and Emre is afraid. They take Arzu to the hospital. Emre examines. Arzu in the hospital and. Arzu comes to herself.


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