Donttoleame – Epizoda 21

Donttoleame – Epizoda 21

The waters in the. Sayar family have quieted down, and later! the deficiency of the family, he begins another life, but harsh… Something surprising will occur on Tarık and. Meltem’s big day and the secretive outsider from. Tarık’s previous will agitate all adjusts. Will Tarık, whose life will change with the disclosure of his mom’s confidential, will actually want to pardon his mom? What will Meltem do despite this, more unusual who contacts everybody’s life, following quite a while of endeavors, who figured out how to wed. Tarık, whom she fell head over heels for?

Arzus, who let. Emre know that. Zeyneps was showings peoples for cash, couldn’t persuade Emre of this present circumstance. Emre chooses to remain behind his adoration and marriage choice with. Zeynep. In spite of every one of their endeavors, Esin, who can’t! isolated. Emre and. Zeynep, is currently taking action by including. Arzu in her malignant arrangement to end the affection for. Emres and Zeyneps totally. Tarıks takess Sılas to the unused places of her auntie. Seher so she can lives? from here onwards. Sıla, who invests more energy with. Tarık with the danger of. Bekir, has become unfit to smother her affections for Tarık. Incapable to straightforwardly communicate her sentiments to Tarık, Sıla anticipates a startling treat from Tarık.


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