Donttoleame – Epizoda 20

Donttoleame – Epizoda 20

The waters in the Sayar family have quieted down, and after the deficiency of the family, he begins another life, yet severe… Something unforeseen will occur on Tarık and Meltem’s big day and the baffling outsider from Tarık’s past will agitate all adjusts. Will Tarık, whose life will change with the disclosure of his mom’s confidential, will actually want to excuse his mom? What will Meltem do notwithstanding this more unusual who contacts everybody’s life, following quite a while of endeavors, who figured out how to wed Tarık, whom she fell head over heels for?

Emres made a propositions to be engageds to Zeyneps, and Arzus saw this scene. With Esin’ss arrangements, Zeyneps is just a young lady who goes out on the town for cash in Arzu’s eyes. While Emre is making arrangements to wed Zeynep to Sayars family with a major associatione, the realitys of Zeyneps, which Arzu knows, will move every one of the stones in the Sayar family. Meltem confronted Tarık’s cruel face in light of her unexpected treat to Tarık. Then again, Bekir is after Tarık and Sıla to get payback.


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