Donttoleame – Epizoda 54

Donttoleame – Epizoda 54

Tarık takes action to bring Sıla to the Sayar family. Tarik, who is probably organizing a nice dinner, will say to his parents that. Sıla is my officially wedded wife; but Sıla is not around. This time, Meltem is not the reason why Sıla disappeared. Due to the promise she made to Sıla Meltem, she voluntarily wanted to get away from Ankara and Tarık. Meltem makes a new plan to stop. Tarık; however, it will not prevent Tarık from finding Sıla or bringing him before his family. Tarik will eventually introduce his wife to his family; however, many new problems, that will not end by introducing them will also come with it.

Tarık Sayar will stay between his family and Sıla. Meltem will make another plan; In this plan, putting financial pressure on. Cengiz Sayar will be. Meltem’s most important plan; because. Meltem’s father and Cengiz Sayar are great partners. If Cengiz Sayar confronts this big partner, things will get into trouble. Cengiz will see the marriage of Tarık and Meltem as more logical than instead of Sıla and Tarık. Likewise, Arzu will have to take a side against Sıla. Tarik, on the other hand, will never give up on his love because of financial issues.
Emre was pleased that Zeynep didn’t do this while he had the power to get himself fired from medicine; because there is no cruelty that he did not do to Zeynep without being aware of it. Emre, who has cursed his honor, takes action to demand an account of this. Esin’s confessions caused everyone a great shock; however, Esin’s acceptance of her slanders has made Zeynep immaculate in Emre’s eyes. Emre is aware that Zeynep is in love with him; But first, he must make Zeynep forgive him.


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