Donttoleame – Epizod 99

Donttoleame – Epizod 99

In the series; Sayar family is perhaps of the most established family in Ankara. Father Cengiz has been working since he was youthful, working on his business and bringing up his children. For Cengiz, a customary dad, family is everything. Regardless of what occurs between them, at night, they find a spot at a similar table. Tarık, the oldest child of the family, is a young fellow very much like his dad and has proactively assumed control over the business. They have been working with their accomplice’s girl Meltem for quite a long time and everybody is hanging tight for them to get hitched. Tarık’s life is shaken to his foundations when he becomes more acquainted with Sıla, a regulation understudy. Tarık, who attempted to help this vagrant young lady from the get go, later experiences passionate feelings for her. For this affection, Tarık rebels against his dad interestingly. Emre, the little and trivial child of the family, is a clinical specialist. His life likewise follows a totally different way when he falls head over heels for Zeynep. With this adoration, Pandora’s container is opened. The privileged insights that Anne Arzu has saved for quite a long time are going to be uncovered as a result of Zeynep. Arzu passionately goes against this adoration, while Emre knows nothing about the disorder he hauled into the family while contradicting his mom. Cengiz is shaken by the realities he learned. Can everybody find a spot at a similar table toward the day’s end?

Our characters will be all tried with affection, honesty and pride. Just the people who are straightforward will emerge from this test with an unmistakable temple: The individuals who are straightforward with themselves and with life.


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