BlckSeea – PROMO 261

BlckSeea – PROMO 261

Sen Tell. Dark Ocean series, which was communicated on ATV, made the last with this episode. A decent cheerful closure has been arranged for everybody. There were references to the past all through the whole episode. Yigit is somewhat desirous of his sibling, yet. Neftah deals with this and they give a moniker to Masal.

Tarik also testifies against his father when. Genco has his trial. After leaving the courthouse. Hazal’s grandmother tries to shoot the man, but they intervene. Realizing that he cannot get out of prison, the man slits his wrists in the prison toilet and commitse suicides. No one comes to his funeral except his son.

Tarik gives the news to. Genco’s wife and says he can get the inheritance. They say goodbye to the Mercan family and say that they will move to Istanbul with her husband and leave. Ferhat and Hazal decide to get married. Esma realizes that she is pregnant.

everyone is very happy. Fikret; He goes to the castle residents and says that he left everything to his only grandson, Yiğit, in his will. She learns from Mrs. Sakine where. Gülendam lives and goes to her ex. The woman has waited for him for years. They begin to live happily. Nefes says she wants to be a lawyer. Tahir loves this idea. When Nefes, who took the exam, wins Istanbul, they say goodbye to the family and their two children. Nefes and Tahir set out to move to Istanbul.


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