Donttoleame – PROMO 100

Donttoleame – PROMO 100

Bora and Emre’s fight continues to grow. Bora and Emre fight to prove. Zeynep’s innocences at the cost of their lives and to be a hero in Zeynep’s eyes. Sadik, Bora’s man, sees that Emre hurt Bora. Emre has put Bora in the fight, but Sadık fires his gun to save Bora.

The bullet from Sadık’s gun finds not Emre but an unexpected person. Everyone is in great shock. I think the person who was shot was Zeynep, who was the main reason for the fight.

I think that with Zeynep’s shooting, Emre and Bora will be shot in the brain. Zeynep’s injury scares everyone; Now all the balances of Emre Bora and Zeynep triangle will change. Although the fight between. Emre and Bora ends with Zeynep’s shooting, now the fight between Tarık and Mehmet will begin.

Tarık suspects that Sıla is staying at Mehmet’s house, not at the dormitory. Tarik gets very angry about this situation. What is his wife Sıla doing in this man’s house? While Tarık asks Sıla to account, Mehmet intervenes and a big fight breaks out between Mehmet and Tarık. Sıla does her best to separate Tarık and Mehmet, and in the end Tarık and Mehmet leave with Sıla crying. Tarık takes his wife Sıla away from Mehmet’s house.

Sıla does not want to go with Tarık. Because he had promised Meltem before that he would stay away from Tarık. Most importantly, he must stay away from Tarık for his happiness. Even though it is difficult, Sıla leaves Tarık’s hand and says leave me alone. Sıla tells Tarık that she wants to be free now. Most importantly, she says she doesn’t want Sıla Tarık in her life. Tarık is deeply shaken by what he hears.

Meltem, on the other hand, will take advantage of Tarık’s weak moment. Meltem does not leave Tarık alone for a moment in this difficult moment. Tarık finally leaves Sıla at Mehmet’s house and leaves. When Tarık comes out, Sıla starts to cry and confesses to Mehmet that she is madly in love with Tarık. Mehmet is deeply shaken by what he hears. The girl he loves is crying for another man on his shoulder.


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